Have You Been Botched?

We were sat cosying up by the fire last night and watching the newest episode of Botched (yes, even when we’re ‘off the clock’ we can’t help but be sucked back into the industry in some way or another!).

On last nights episode, there was a woman who had had an awful treatment under her eyes that had left her with permanent eye bags.

Since her treatment, this woman had been to upwards of 20 practitioners in hopes of trying to help her and correct the mess that the original practitioner had left.

Every one of those 20+ told her the same thing.. “We no longer do corrections because the risk is too high- it takes the responsibility off the ‘bad’ injector and puts it onto us which we’re not prepared to do’.

Luckily, Dr Dubrow and Dr Nassif came to the rescue (as always!) and had her looking like herself again.

But, this got us thinking.

There are very few practitioners around the world who will happily take on a correction case when they weren’t the original practitioner.

And understandably so. As soon as any practitioner attempts to ‘fix’ the work of a previous treatment, the responsibility is immediately passed onto them.

Any further complications will be their responsibility to treat, even if that complication was caused by the original treatment.

If you’ve ever been unfortunate enough to have a bad experience and you’ve been elsewhere for help, you’ve probably heard the same line ‘go back to your original injector’.

In an ideal world- yes- it would make the most sense to have the original injector fix the issue as they know exactly what treatment was done, what product was used, how much, where it was injected etc.

And, it would always be our first piece of advice.


Out of every 10 enquiries we get of this nature, 9 of them have already been in touch with their previous injector.

Half of them have either been ignored or told they cannot help (we see far too much of this) and the other half have been back and the practitioner has not had the required training to fix the issue or has made the issue worse.

Then, what?

We got into this business because we wanted to make people feel amazing about themselves. Unfortunately, there are a lot of aesthetic businesses out there who care more about the $$$ than their clients.

And this is why we take on cases like this.

It takes a lot for someone to make the decision to have an aesthetic treatment done (particularly on their face) and they put a lot of trust in the practitioner. Far too often, this trust is abused and clients are left with bad treatments, no aftercare and nobody willing to help them out and fix the problem.

We’re here to help.

In our almost 13 years of business, we have carried out hundreds of thousands of treatments. Many of which have been corrections. And if we’re honest, these are probably the most rewarding treatments to do.

Yes, we take on a lot of extra risk by taking these cases.

But to see someone’s face when we’ve corrected work that other practitioners wouldn’t touch, is priceless.

To people on the outside, it may just seem like a simple treatment. To those affected by it, it can be life-changing. It gives them their confidence back and makes them feel like themselves again. That’s why we do it.

And here’s the tea.. ☕️

Being in the medical aesthetics industry, we are involved in a lot of groups and discussions with other medical practitioners. And there is one reoccurring mindset that really ticks us off…

We cannot tell you how many times we have been reading a post from another medical practitioner about a prospective new client who wants help with a treatment that’s been done poorly (quite often by a non-medic) and the responses from other medical practitioners are always the same..

“They should have thought about that before they went to a non-medic!”

“It’s their own fault for not doing their research into who was treating them!”

We could go on..

Oh boy, does this get our knickers in a twist.

You have a client there who has come to you for help because they don’t know where else to turn. They’re upset, they feel embarrassed and desperate for someone to help and the best these people can do is victim-blame and say ‘I told you so!’

That is not what we do.

The industry is filling up more and more with non-medics doing treatments. And that’s just the way it is.

If we could change it, would we? Of course.

But we have no control over that.

What we do have control over, is helping those who need it.

We are a medical clinic and we got into this to help people. Not turn them away as soon as a problem arises, or ridicule them for not going to a medical professional.

Unfortunately, not everybody knows the dangers of going to a non-medic.

We know because we know the ins and outs of this industry and because we’re in it.

Why should we expect Sheila down the road to know that? She’s not in the industry. She’s just seen an offer for some lip fillers at a great price and is none the wiser that the practitioner isn’t medically trained. Sheila isn’t told at her consultation about the possible risks involved, or about any aftercare she might need. So why is it Sheila’s fault?

It isn’t.

If you’ve had a treatment that you’re unhappy with and you’re struggling to find someone to help- come along and see us.

We’ll do our best to get you back to feeling like yourself again and you won’t see any judgement from us.

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