Why Are We SO Expensive?

Ok, so expensive may be a bit of a stretch but we’re more than aware that we’re not the cheapest clinic around.


Well, how long have you got?!

There’s a whole host of reasons why you may pay more for a treatment from us than from the beautician down the road. (Think David Lloyd versus PureGym 😛)

Let’s discuss..

Experience 👩‍🔬

Experience in this industry really is priceless. If you want the safest treatment possible, you need to go to a practitioner who has experience in all things aesthetics. Somebody who knows their occlusions from their bruises and their needles from their cannulas.

Amanda went to nursing school as a baby-faced 18-year-old and has been practising ever since. That’s over 37 years of experience in the medical field. Amanda also trained in aesthetics over a decade ago and has been doing treatments full-time ever since. That’s what we call a bucket-load of experience.

Qualifications 📚

We all know that qualifications don’t come cheap, or without a lot of work. Amanda has spent numerous years building up her impressive stack of qualifications.

Here are just a few of the certificates hung upon her clinic wall:

Registered General Nurse, BSc Nurse Practitioner, Independent Nurse Prescriber, Dermal Filler Foundation, Botulinum Toxin Foundation, Lip Augmentation, Clinical Skills, Facial Aesthetics Masterclass, Local Nerve Infiltration, Theory and Injection Techniques in Aesthetics, Advanced Dermal Filler and Botulinum Toxin, Complications Management.. the list goes on!

Not to mention the numerous masterclasses Amanda attends across the country throughout the year.

Customer Care ⭐️

Sick of us banging on about our top-notch customer care yet? Nah, us neither 😅.

We pride ourselves on our level of customer care and we do all we can to make sure all of our clients are happy.

Whether this means giving them a call each day to check they are ok if they’re a worrier, fitting them into a full clinic day for a last-minute review appointment, booking them several appointments to just have a chat before they go ahead with a treatment. You name it- we do it!

Our business is built by our lovely clients and their happiness is key 🗝

Time ⏰

If you’ve been to another clinic before and then been to us, you may have noticed that our appointments tend to be longer than other clinics. We spend much more time with each client to make sure they are 100% informed and happy as Larry to go ahead with treatment.

You won’t catch us ushering you onto the couch before you’ve had a chance to say hello.

We take a lot of time with each client not just during treatment appointments but on the phone, via email, aftercare appointments and much more.

We know there are clinics local to us that are more bothered about the number of treatments they can do in one day than making sure the client is comfortable- which ultimately leads to clients being pressured into treatments they weren’t ready to commit to and being left unhappy (we won’t name any names..!☕️).

Now many of our regular clients know, this sometimes leads to us running slightly behind on appointment times (sorry!😅), but it’s important to us that each client has the time spent with them that they need.

Premises 🏥

When was the last time you saw an Apple shop operating from the back room in a McDonalds? Apple have premium shops to match their premium brand and the extra money you spend on a Macbook versus a PC goes towards this.

Think of us as the Apple of Aesthetics (yes, we did just compare ourselves to the largest electronics brand in the world with a revenue of over $200billion 😂).

We want your experience with us to go hand in hand with our reputation- and that means a lovely clinic for you to have your treatments in.

Products 💊

We’re fussy sods when it comes to products. We only want the best and safest products for our clients, and these come at a cost. We’re also fussy about where we get them from.

Sure, we could order them from eBay and cross our fingers that the product is what it says on the pack and save ourselves a few quid.

Or, we could order them from a reputable pharmacy that sources their products from the manufacturers themselves and can tell you exactly where they have come from.

I think we’ll stick with the latter option.

Finance 💳

If you’re taking a trip to John Lewis, you’ll be expecting to pay a higher price. But they do also give you the option to spread the cost with monthly payments.

We do the same, the only difference is that we don’t put you through a credit check, we do all our payment plans in house and we won’t charge you any interest!

Unlike other clinics, we give you the option to have your treatment done before you’ve paid the full amount. That means you can have the treatment on the day you set up your payment plan and pay it off over the coming months.

This option isn’t offered by many clinics (unless they use a third-party finance company which will cost you more overall and will result in searches on your credit report).

In order for us to do this, it means we have to cover the cost of your treatment initially which costs money. But, we do this to make it easier for you and because many of our clients love our payment plans.

Obviously, we made the choice to be a high-end aesthetic clinic.

We could bring our prices down if you don’t mind coming to us in the back of hairdressers, having your treatment done by a beautician using products we imported from China, shortening our appointment times down to 15 minutes and scrapping aftercare all together.

Sound good?

We don’t compete on price, we compete on quality.


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