Why You SHOULDN'T Have Fillers or Botox From A Beautician

I’ll warn you- we’re about to get down and dirty in this post and no doubt ruffle some feathers.

Let’s talk about Beauty Therapists and the likes, performing aesthetic treatments such as dermal fillers.

We’ll be honest, we’ve skirted around this topic in previous posts in a bid to make sure everyone is a happy camper. But we can’t keep our mouths shut for much longer.

You’ve probably noticed in the past few years that there are more and more ‘aesthetic practitioners’ (I use that term loosely, which I’ll delve more into later on) popping up on the high-street and in your local beauty salon.

But what training have these practitioners actually had? Unfortunately, it’s far too easy nowadays to rock up to a training centre and walk out with a certificate to let you loose on people’s faces within a day or two.

Now, that’s not to say that the training they received was sub-par. And yes, it might make them a ‘aesthetic practitioner’ but it definitely does not make them a medical professional.

With the popularity of aesthetic treatments growing by the minute, it’s become as casual as going to get your nails done. The difference? You’re a lot less likely to walk out of your nail salon with a punctured facial artery but you could be unfortunate enough to end up with something as awful as that if you have a medical treatment done by someone who is not medically trained.

But they’ve trained in aesthetics. What’s the issue?’

The issue is that, whilst rare, there are a handful of medical complications that can occur with any aesthetic treatment. So yes, your local beauty therapist might give you a poppin’ pout but what can they do for you when you’ve suffered an occlusion (a blockage to the blood vessel) and you need them dissolving immediately? Not a lot.

This isn’t to say your local beautician doesn’t know a complication when they see one (although they will have significantly less training and experience in identifying one). But if Susie can only tell you what the problem is and can’t actually fix it for you- it’s not much use, is it?

When it comes to complications with dermal fillers and they need dissolving immediately- you have around a 90 minute window to get that filler out pronto before it can do some serious damage. To get hold of the nifty stuff that dissolves dermal fillers (aka Hyaluronidase) you need to be a Prescriber. You know who can’t be a Prescriber? You guessed it- your local beautician.

For those of you who don’t know- dermal fillers are available without a prescription. This means any Tom, Dick and Harry can get their hands on the stuff. However, Botox and other toxins are prescription-only which means a Prescriber must prescribe the toxin for that specific person.

You may have seen some places who talk about a Prescriber and think ‘fab! it’s all safe and dandy!’. Not quite.

Whilst, it’s definitely better to go to a BT who is working with a prescriber- it doesn’t get you out of the woods that easily if you encounter an issue. If you are unlucky enough to have an urgent complication and your BT’s prescriber lives a hundred miles away, they’re unlikely to get to you in time without bombing it down the M6 at the speed of lightening.

Frustratingly (for us, as well as unlucky and unbeknownst clients), there is no regulation in the UK to prevent BTs from performing medical procedures such as dermal fillers.

Considering we seem pretty up-to-date with a lot of things, this is definitely not one of them. If you flew over to the USA to have a treatment, guess who won’t be performing it for you? Correct. A beautician.

It’s against regulation in USA amongst many other countries for beauty therapists to perform medical treatments – and so it should be.

And now after that long rant, I’m going to surprise you and say something you probably won’t believe..

We don’t actually blame the beauticians.

They’re just trying to get their fingers into the (increasingly saturated) aesthetics pie.

And they’re not breaking any laws. But just because they aren’t breaking any laws it doesn’t mean it’s the right decision to go to a BT for something like dermal fillers.

The chances of you having a complication are pretty low. Although if incorrectly placed by someone with little to no experience, increases your chances ten-fold. But if you are unlucky enough to end up with a complication (which can happen even with the most experienced practitioner) then you’ll thank your lucky stars you went to a medical professional who will take care of you, and not Trisha who does your party lashes every other Saturday.

Ok, ok you get the point.

So who is classed as a medical professional? Doctors, Dentists and Nurses are your main port of calls.

But don’t just assume that your practitioner is who they say they are. There have been numerous stories in the past few years of BTs who have claimed to be nurses and have lured people into the back of a salon only to leave them in a horrendous state and shrug all responsibility.

If you’re unsure, ask to see their certificate. Any medical professional will have no qualms in showing off their degree certificate which is, no doubt, hanging perfectly on their clinic room wall.

Don’t be daft, go to a medical professional.


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