How To Get The Perfect Lip Fillers

I think we can all agree that lip fillers have been the biggest craze for a few years now. Particularly since Kylie Jenner admitted that her voluptuous lips were helped along by fillers and not in fact, just lip liner (as if we didn’t already know that!).

We are exposed to images of perfect women with perfect features and nice plump lips on a daily basis. And after a while, our perception of ‘normal’ can change. Whilst back in the 90s most of us would have considered ‘normal’ lips to be having the bottom lip slightly bigger than the top lip and nothing that stands out too much.

After years of being exposed to images of people having fuller and fuller lips, our perception changes and we begin to consider full, equally balanced lips to be ‘normal’.

Which makes us think, ‘My lips are too thin.’ ‘My top lip is smaller than the bottom lip and it needs evening out’.  

We then start to focus on our lips every time we look in the mirror. It’s the first thing we look at and compare with other people.

What we don’t look at, is how we are seen by someone else. When someone looks at you, they don’t focus on one area of your face, but take in your face as a whole. And as we’ve mentioned in previous blog posts, if you start to ‘fix’ the thing that bothers you the most and go overboard then you start to look disproportionate to others around us. And that’s a dead giveaway.

What does Amanda Pierce Aesthetics do differently?

We want to make you feel good, and if thinning lips is your problem then we want to help. However, rather than other clinics that may just keep filling your lips to match what we see in the media, we have a look at what would suit you and your face.

We also keep the natural balance of your lips to avoid them looking ‘done’. Naturally, our bottom lip is supposed to be slightly bigger than our top lip and it’s when you start messing with these proportions that you can take on an unnatural and false look. We keep the natural proportions of your lips and just make them plumper in a way that compliments your features and looks attractive.

You may also find other clinics who will offer multiple fillers in one-sitting. Here at Amanda Pierce Aesthetics, we will only use 1ml of lip filler in one go. Once you start using more than 1ml in one sitting you can compromise the blood supply to your lips and this is when problems can arise.

If you want a much fuller lip, we can build up the lips gradually in a safe way that is going to look natural and suit you.

Not only can too much lip filler change the proportions of your face, but over time your lips become over-stretched for too long which can ultimately leave you with saggy (our least favourite word) lips.

It can also block off the saliva glands which can leave you with lumps filled with fluid that need to be drained and can then come back again. And I’m sure we can all agree that nobody wants to be squeezing spit out of lumps in their lips.

Let us help you look and feel the best version of you.

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