Should I Get My Botox From Superdrug?

You may or may not have heard the latest goss in the aesthetics industry so let me fill you in (in case you missed it).

Superdrug is going to start offering Botox and Dermal Fillers (yes, you read that right).

You’ll now be able to conveniently get your Botox top up done whilst you’re over there picking up your cotton pads and a packet of Mini Cheddars.

Brilliant!… Right?


There are a couple of issues we have with this. So let’s have a talk through them..

Firstly, as convenient as it might be to get your lips done whilst you’re picking up your face wipes (yes- we know you still use them even though we tell you not to!) what kind of message does that send out to people?

That getting Botox and dermal fillers is as casual as getting your eyebrows threaded? Picking up the newest Maybelline lipstick? Having a quick upper lip wax?

I’m sure you’re bored of us banging on about it, but Botox and Dermal Fillers are medical procedures and should be taken seriously, not just bunched into the same category as getting a mani.

What happens if your eyebrow wax goes wrong? You might walk out with one less brow than you walked in with but ultimately, it’s nothing that a) won’t grow back and b) can’t be fixed with an eyebrow pencil.

The possible side effects and risks that come with Botox and Dermal fillers are much more serious.This needs to be made clear to potential clients before they agree to anything.

Injectable treatments are serious medical procedures and should be treated as such.


Superdrug is only licensed to treat two specific areas of Botox (Crows Feet and Glabella) and only with the standard amount of Botox.

What does that mean?

Everyone is different. Everyone’s face works differently. Everyone’s muscle strength is different. Everyone responds differently.

So the chances of you getting the desired result from the standard dose is very unlikely. What is more likely is that you’ll end up disappointed because you’re used to having a dosage of Botox that is tailored specifically to you (at least, you will be if you’re a client of ours!).

Here at Amanda Pierce Aesthetics, we tailor every single treatment and every single dosage to each particular client and I don’t think I could tell you of a single client who has the ‘standard’ dose to achieve the results they want.

We want happy clients and a ‘one size fits all’ approach doesn’t cut the mustard when it comes to aesthetic treatments.

Thankfully, Superdrug are only allowing Nurses to carry out their treatments (hallelujah!) which is much better than letting the woman who does the threading loose on your face with a needle.. However, the whole thing just doesn’t sit well with us.

We shouldn’t be trivialising aesthetic treatments.

Are aesthetic treatments becoming more and more popular? Yes.

Is it as casual as getting your HD brows and Russian Volume Lashes? Absolutely not.

Our advice? Leave the nail polish up to Superdrug and leave the Botox to us.


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