Do Fillers and Anti-Wrinkle Treatments Hurt?

One question we get asked a lot from those of you who have not had a treatment done before is ‘Does it hurt?’.

The short answer is no, it shouldn’t. But we do get a few who are sceptical due to past experiences with other practitioners where they have found the treatment very painful.

Obviously, there are a few things to consider here.

Firstly is pain tolerance. Everyone’s tolerance for pain will vary slightly and some of us are more sensitive to pain than others. The other is the treatment being carried out. Some treatments will be slightly more uncomfortable than others.

That being said, it shouldn’t be painful.

All of the dermal fillers we use include Lidocaine. Lidocaine is a numbing agent and will start to numb the area whilst you are having the treatment done. We also use a topical numbing cream and ice packs.

Now, you may have been to places before that use numbing cream and not felt any benefit from it. That will be down to the strength of the cream itself.

Weaker creams are available to purchase over-the-counter but rarely have much effect when it comes to actually numbing the area.

However, we use prescription-only numbing cream which is only available on prescription because it’s a much stronger cream. This means it does a fabulous job at numbing the area completely and making it more comfortable for you. For lip fillers, we also use a dental block which numbs the area completely.

Once the numbing cream has taken effect, we will also use an ice-pack. You can’t always feel it as the area is already numb but it does help some clients just relax a little more and give them peace of mind.

Another thing to consider when it comes to making the treatment as comfortable as possible is injection technique. As you can imagine, if a practitioner goes hell for leather with a rushed technique and heavy hand- it’s going to hurt.

Amanda has a very gentle hand and injects very slowly which makes it much more comfortable (in fact, we think she’s the queen of this!). She will also explain what she is doing each step of the way so you know what’s going on.

If you are finding it too uncomfortable then you can take a break at any time.

With dermal fillers, you might sometimes feel a bit of sting as you first start the treatment, but this is nothing unbearable and will quickly subside as the numbing agent in the dermal filler starts to kick in.

When it comes to Wrinkle-relaxing, a topical numbing cream is not needed. The needles we use are tiny and we use these specifically to make it more comfortable for you.

Amanda uses an ice pack which is all that is needed. The treatment time itself for wrinkle-relaxing is also very short and is over in a matter of minutes.

If you feel nervous about having a treatment done and are worrying about the pain- don’t worry.

All of our appointments include a very thorough consultation (no matter how many times you’ve been to us!) and you have the chance to ask questions at any point.

If you’re feeling light-headed, we’ll get you a drink and a biscuit and we won’t continue until you’re feeling completely okay again.

You won’t find us ushering clients onto the bed before they’ve stepped through the door properly or having you in and out in 5 minutes flat. That’s not our style.

Client satisfaction and care is our number one priority. We want you to enjoy and feel comfortable the whole journey and we will do what we can to ensure this is the case.

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