What Aesthetic Practitioners AREN'T Telling You

At Amanda Pierce Aesthetics, we see new clients every day and many of those clients have had aesthetic treatments done elsewhere before they visit us.

9 out of 10 of those clients always say the same thing during the consultation..

‘I’ve never been told that before.’

From the first ever consultation Amanda did over 10 years ago, we have always prided ourselves on our informative and in-depth consultations.

We have always recognised the importance of explaining everything in detail to each client. From how the treatment works to how our muscles work to realistic expectations.

But it’s becoming increasingly clear to us that we may be in the minority here.

More and more clients are coming through our doors who have had a Botox treatment, for example, yet it’s never been explained to them how Botox actually works or what the treatment involves.

Many clients haven’t been informed about the possible side effects of treatments and what to expect, leaving them concerned if they do experience a side effect and unsure what to do.

Unfortunately, it seems to be quite common place for clients to go along for a treatment and be quickly rushed onto the couch without any explanation whatsoever. Before they’ve even had a chance to ask any questions, the needle is in and the job is done.

That’s not how we do things.

It is very important to us that all of our clients make a fully informed decision about a treatment before they go ahead. You need to be informed about exactly how the treatment works, how we perform the treatment, any possible side effects and risks, what results you can expect, any aftercare information and much more.

As a medical aesthetic clinic we have a duty of care to our clients. And that includes ensuring that all of our clients are clued up before they agree to anything.

We can’t expect you to make a fully informed decision, if we don’t inform you of anything!

There will be no bums on our couches until you are 100% happy to go ahead and had the chance to ask any questions you like- no questions are off limits!

In the medical aesthetic industry, we are constantly shouting from the rooftops about how important it is that people recognise these treatments are medical and should be treated as such.

Yet it seems some practitioners are treating it as a casual beauty treatment in order to bash as many treatments out as quickly as possible.

And this isn’t just limited to practitioners who aren’t medically trained. Plenty of our clients who have complained of not being informed by their previous provider had been to a doctor, dentist or a nurse.

If you’ve had a treatment before, were you informed? Did you know what the treatment involved before you were rushed onto the bed? Did you know what the possible side effects were? The anatomy of your face and what effect the treatment has on this?

If the answer is no, it may be time to have a look into someone new.

Find a practitioner who is passionate about the treatments and care they provide. Not someone who is trying to break the world record for how many treatments they can get done in 60 seconds.

If you’d like to come along for a consultation, you can book online! All of our consultations are free of charge (with no strings attached!).


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