10 Reasons You SHOULD Come To Us

1. We have bucket-fulls of experience (we’re almost 11 years old!)

2. We have the qualifications to prove it (hung all over our walls- obviously)

3. We never charge for a review appointment 

4. We have carried out tens of thousands of treatments 

5. We offer interest-free finance and you can have your treatment before you’ve paid it off

6. We use the highest standard of products and only buy from a reputable pharmacy

7. We offer corrections to those who have had a botched job elsewhere

8. We never go ahead with a treatment until the price has been agreed 

9. We spend much longer with you in appointments than other clinics- we want you to know everything

10.We make a great cuppa

So if you fancy going to a highly-respected medical aesthetic clinic, that will spend the time with you answering your questions, offer you easy payment-plans and never turn you down for a review then look no further!

We could write pages and pages about Amanda’s 35 years+ experience in the medical industry, specialist treatment techniques, experience of training Doctors, Dentists and Nurses in Aesthetics and etc, etc…

But we’ll leave it at that

All of our consultations are free of charge.

What are you waiting for? Book online today! 

If none of the reasons above float your boat, then have a look at the 10 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Come To Us. 


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We specialise in treatments that help beat the ageing process. We operate across Manchester and Stockport, so why not get in touch?

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